Something about me......

"hmmm I disliked the colour pink up until recently. Now I could smear it on everything from breakfast to dinner and never get bored with its stand out and take notice of me attitude!"

"Oh, yeah, I'll tell you what you want to hear" - Sia ....yeah right!

So this is the part where you find out about me?

This will be fun!

Personally & professionally I tend to go against the grain. Kind of like that little sheep that Mary could never bloody find. I am like the black sheep hiding out till it was dark.

    •    I have a hunger for something different.

    •    To be different.

    •    To achieve different.

    •    Think different. 

I think all creatives do, we get lost in our wonderful world of illusion and want something different from the mainstream. I recently found this fire in the pit of my subconscious and I’m taking it by the horns and ramming it into every aspect of my life. I want to live it, photograph it, style it, paint it wild! Then be able to scream at the top of my lungs I DID THIS!

My direction is driven by continually thinking outside of the box, a desire to push my creativity and refusing be the norm. 

Expect me to -

    •    Create something totally different

    •    Be bold, strong and yes… freaking crazy.

    •    Create feeling, the spark of a memory, organic emotion.

    •    Come from left of field, no-where near "mainstream" or like everyone else.

    •    Build a story with you that makes you stand out, after all the world is one big arse place.

    •    Break the rules.

    •    Be different, create different.

    •    Play music really loud, like the teenager in me that never wants to grow up!

    and … Oh….uh…hmm…. swear a bit from time to time...... it just slips out, don't judge! lol

If you'd like to know more or think we may be a great match to work on a project together please contact me!