Lets Be Frank!

Lets be FRANK!

After all if I can't be frank on this blog of mine I will never be.

So have you ever done something out of your comfort zone that you NEVER in a zillion years thought you would do?

I have recently... it was scary, nail biting, BUT!

I came out the other side proud and shocked that I "did it".

Lets be FRANK we all suffer from some kind of fear. Mine is getting myself out there in front of the camera or in front or a group of people. It scares the shit out of me, I can remember in school standing in front of the class doing and oral assignment. Picture everyone naked they said.... ah fuck no! Whatever person decided that would work did not work for this little duck. Naked, pink and purple poke-a-dot made no bloody difference. I HATED standing up and doing a presentation, it was my biggest fear. I'd be fine with a pile of snakes dropping on me, "Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here" rather than people waiting for me to speak.

BUT.... Then you see an advert that is close to your "DREAM JOB". I applied whilst away on holiday with only limited resources and BOM, I got shortlisted. YIPPEE!!! Then I read the application process... my heart jumped into my mouth for a second and then I thought fuck it, I can do that.

The application required 4 flat lay photos. Great I love that shit product styling to photograph.

Tell a story with your photos, sure easy. 

30 sec video about me.... WTF!!! In front of a camera, doing a video of me.... ah sure Ive got this, whilst my heart is in my mouth! So off I go and do a 30 sec video, it took 5 takes but I did it. 

So "lets be Frank" I was super proud that I did it, I did it and need to continue doing these. As getting myself in front of the camera is a bloody great way to overcome lifelong fear of public speaking.

This time fear did not win. I didn't get the dream job but I am so proud that I overcame a fear that had been a roadblock in my life for so bloody long.

Ok so the dream job was for FRANKiE4 Footwear as a social media photographer. I made the top ten, which I am so happy about. I manage to step out of my comfort zone and push fear aside and come out proud of my achievement. Being proud of yourself doesn't need to be the big tickets items or ideas. Its small steps we take are what put us onto the path we wish to walk.

So here are my efforts, I loved creating a story and MUM-LIFE was appropriate, as lets be Frank it I live A MUM-LIFE! There are so many women who can relate to MUM-LIFE and we all wear some form of shoes so why not use MUM-LIFE as my muse!

What shoes does you MUM-LIFE need?

Let’s be frank, what have you had to do lately that pushed your fear aside?