NEON & CHANEL do not go together!

Believe me NEON does not scream CHANEL, so why would you put the two together?

Neon - fluorescent, bright, bold, in your face!

CHANEL - Sophistication, iconic, revolutionary

These two designs/styles are completely opposite, so why would you try and make the two fit.

Ok your wondering WTF I am rambling on about. A "styled" image I'd seen on Instagram by someone with a large following sparked my attention. Why I got so bothered by the image is we live in a world where the more followers you have the more sheep you seem to attract.

Everyone has different tastes and opinions and we are all entitled to express them. I take the "seen image" on as a positive to my work, it reminds me what not to do!

A photo can tell a 1000 words or that’s what it use to be.

  • Have we lost this effect because we are too caught up in showing off on social media platforms?

  • Have we lost the art of showcasing photos that say so much by a capture in time?

The "seen image" owner has made a fabulous living from being a stylist, which is great. So hence they should know how to style and their followers look to them for inspiration.

Yes I am the new kid in the world of photography but I put everything I have into everything I create. My background started with a couple art awards at high school ( I sucked at all the serious subjects). Studied fashion design at TAFE (back when TAFE was the only placed that offered it). Which lead to working in fashion design for a few years. Got bored (creatives tend to do that) before changing careers to graphic design. Styling is something I have been doing for many years without realising it. Creating complimenting colour combinations. So my natural progression was to take hold and try photography.

I’m sure ruffled feathers are rising, but I’m speaking from a creative mind. This kind of “likes” makes those who work hard feel meaningless in their work. Me, myself would never show something I second-guess myself on. I show a few of my closest and dearest peeps, who are honest and that I value their opinions . This process helps me build my style and makes stand out in this very image driven society.

I am very critical of my own work and spend many hours creating, research, designing, sourcing. A process I use to get image I see in my head out into a photograph for people to see. I want people to stop on my images for a second longer. To spark a smile or some form of an emotion whether it's positive or negative. It’s still captures attention none the less.

Neon Poodle approached me to style and photograph their new neon light range.

Fucking YES! I screamed (inside my head not down the phone to Sammy). But the truth is I was honest with Sammy and said I have never photographed neon. I know it takes skill to get neon looking great in an image. Taking initiative I asked to borrow some samples. I needed to see what I could create and if I could actually photography them.

Over the course of a week planning the look, researching the best way to photograph neon. Taking into account the story the client wanted the images to tell. THEN.... I created the images. I practise the fuck out of shooting neon and I say I know how to bloody take a photo of neon accessories. I didn't not throw a pile of objects around a neon light and go yeah there’s a great image for social media.

Nervously I waited for feedback from Neon Poodle. I know I had put my all into those images and hoped that I captured the essence of them.

Penny you did it!! You have successfully taken photos of neon! They look absolutely awesome.How did you manage to hang that oh so delicate Love??- Neon Poodle

WOO HOO they liked my style. I landed the job. This job turned into one of the most creative explorations I have done. I loved every second of it. Weeks of planning, sketching, researching, designing, location searching went into the photo shoot. My head had the images in there I just need to get them out. After hundreds of snaps I created a range that I was so proud.

What I am getting at is that we live in this image driven world which some of us get caught up in. I say that say fuck that shit, stand out and be you. Yes that image did get me to write this blog. But I know that every time I get behind my camera or style a shoot I know that it has come from within me. I have given it a hell of a lot of thought.

Every aspect of what you create in your life should reflect a part of you. All creatives have a process/style that is unique to you, remember to stay authentic. Think of how you want to portrayed to others and the type of people you want to attract. You are your own best advert.

Yes you are doing it for a client. BUT they came to you because they like you style...not what they saw on Instagram from someone else. They want what your eyes envision for their images. In hindsight as my lovely mentor pointed out the % rate of “likes” to the followers they have is rather low. Remember it's better to have honest and real followers on your social media. And no Neon and CHANEL do not go together. These are two stand out alone styles that need to show off on there own.

You are incredible, seriously. These photos blow my mind. You are such an artist, a visionary. Absolutely love your work Penny, it really is remarkable -Sammy Neon Poodle