Woo Hoo.... My styled photo features in Queensland Homes


Picture this… your amazing friend sends you a link and says “hey, your image is in Queensland Homes Magazine.” WTF!!!

Ok, so some of you in the photography industry & interior styling maybe going …yeah… BIG DEAL.

But for this new kid on the block, more like almost pushing middle age creative who has finally found her feet, channelling her Lady Gaga/Sia persona, it is pretty cool and quite frankly, bloody fucking exciting! I was dancing around doing my best Cameron Diaz, Something about Mary underwear moves. Yes! It is hot in Brisbane and it required dancing on this occasion, as this is my first image in an online magazine and in a magazine… full stop.  So yeah… it is a. Big. Deal. It’s Queensland Homes of all publications:)

I was fortunate enough to be invited to photograph for the incredibly talented husband & wife duo Green Cathedral. This duo creates modern Australian furniture all made on the Sunshine Coast in Noosa. After meeting these creative two, a few years ago, I have watched them create some stunning pieces.  They put nothing short of full bodied blood, sweat and tears into each piece.

To be fair I don't think Sal from Green Cathedral had a clue what to expect when I arrived.  Within the hour I had turned their lovely showroom into something that resembled a teenagers bedroom.  I had to have the clutter everywhere to choose the creative display that I wanted for their images. Finally after some "playing" I got the styled photos that best reflected the feel and look Green Cathedral were after. I liked working in a space, that from the outside may look like chaos, but to me it is thinking outside the square and fine tuning the finished design. Getting the image I have in my head out and into a photograph that the public can see and go… “yeah, I get it".